Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS)

Company Profile

Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS) specializes in information technology and communications. It is an A share listed company (stock code number: 000938) and the first university-owned company of Tsinghua University in the process of enhancing the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


In 1988, Tsinghua University Sci-Tech General Company was established.

In 1993, it was renamed Tsinghua Unisplendour Group and adopted “Unisplendour” as the brand name.

In 1999, the Group launched Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited, which was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November of that year.

In 2000, the company’s share price reached 106 RMB, a record high for the Chinese stock market.

In 2002, the Group combined with newly founded Tsinghua Holding Company Limited and began to focus on information technology and communications.

In 2006, the group finished its share reform and was renamed “Unisplendour Corporation Limited”.


UNIS bases its development on “Brand, Resources and Capital” and is seeking efficient operation with minimal intervention for healthy development. The company pursues its business in the mainstream of the information industry and has established three business sectors: proprietary products, proprietary technology, and value-added distribution channels. There are five business plates, namely, information products, software integration, digital distribution, intelligent transportation, and communication technology. The company will promote “Big-technology” strategy and carry out scientific and technological management, science and technology investment, and technology support. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of customers by providing diverse products and systematic technical applications and services.


UNIS is one of the National Top 520 Major Enterprises, one of the National Major New Technology Enterprises, one of the National “863 Plan” Industrial Bases, and one of the Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in China. It has been distinguished with many titles and awards, including the National Technology Invention Award and the Best Brand Name in Beijing.

Strong Development

With outstanding support in human resources and technical achievements from Tsinghua University, UNIS is developing at a steady and healthy pace with an annual output of 4 billion RMB. Aware of its historical responsibilities UNIS aims to bring positive changes to the society and is working to establish a perfect combination of campus and corporate cultures. This is taking place under the guidance of Tsinghua University’s motto, “Self-discipline and Social Commitment” and the company motto, “Industry, integrity, loyalty, sincerity, courtesy, generosity, agility and kindness”.

New Fields

In this new information era that includes so much scientific development and constant innovation, UNIS is actively working to promote national and regional economic prosperity and believes shareholders, employees, and partners alike will cooperate to create a very bright future.

Review & Outlook

UNIS is the result of industrialization in science and technology, and continues to develop in line with China's reform and opening up.

UNIS experienced the expansion of financial capital and was reinvigorated by the transformation of Tsinghua Industry. The development of UNIS is the epitome of China’s reform and opening up; it has become the showcase for science and technology companies in Chinese universities. After 20 years of development, UNIS is now reaching a more mature stage. The down-to-earth spirit that pervades the company will lead to a bright future as it fulfils its historical responsibilities and promotes social progress. Having survived the usual growth and early development trials UNIS now opens a new chapter in its history and is set to break new ground.

Company Culture

Company mission:

Conscious of the historical responsibilities, the company will work to bring positive changes to society.

Company culture:

  • Self-discipline and social commitment
  • Industry, integrity, loyalty, sincerity, courtesy, generosity, agility and kindness
  • “Self-discipline and Social Commitment”, the motto of Tsinghua University, is taken from the Book of Changes and teaches people a code for living.
  • The UNIS motto, “Industry, integrity, loyalty, sincerity, courtesy, generosity, agility and kindness”, is from the Analects of Confucius, and reflects the company outlook.

The culture of the company therefore reflects traditional Chinese virtues and aims to promote a Confucian approach to business.

Core values:

  • Passion and dedication
  • Quality first and customer oriented
  • Thrive on competition
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Satisfaction and harmony in the workplace

Codes of conduct:

  • Service for customers, loyalty for the company, dedication to career, and collaboration with colleagues
  • Learn technology, learn management
  • Be forthright and honest
  • Be upright and self-disciplined
  • Be open and fair
  • Be diligent and hard-working

Management Philosophy:

Company Strategy: “One body, Two Wings” --- “Mega-Technology” strategy

The five business plates work together as a whole. While combining financial capital with base construction, the company tries to work on technological operations, investment and support. It is concerned to enrich the present operation modes, and to upgrade technology and the competitiveness of products in the market. The company is the core and places strong emphasis on market orientation. With exploration and innovation, it is working continuously to promote the sustainable development of its enterprises.

Governance Principle

Seek efficient operation with simple management for healthy development.

Human Resources

Give employees space to develop their full potential.

The company structure is like a pyramid, with 50 executives, 500 lower officials and 5000 general staff members.

The construction of human resources is as follows: Employees with college diploma education and above account for 96%, in which PhDs account for 15%, and Masters account for 15%. 4% of employees have senior professional titles while 16% have intermediate grade title.

Management Structure:

Fan-shaped professional management

The management structure can be summarized as “three vertical lines, four horizontal lines and five plates”. Three vertical lines refer to the three business sectors: proprietary products, proprietary technology and distribution sectors. Four horizontal lines refer to the four functional departments in the headquarters: Presidential Office, the Department of Financial Planning, the Department of Corporate Planning, and the Department of Technological Research and Development. Five plates refer to five sectors of products: information products, software integration, digital distribution, intelligent transportation, and communication technology. The vertical lines focus on specialization, which is basic to the company. The horizontal lines indicate supportive functions. The five plates emphasize development and are market oriented. The whole structure indicates vertical depth, horizontal support, plate extension, matrix structure, and overall strength.

While pursuing specialization, the company puts stress on comprehensive development in the field of science and technology. The purpose is to cultivate more operating skills with fan-shaped sectors and thereby achieve a diversity that also complements. The company includes professional companies in various fields that aim to continuously meet user needs and market diversification.

Information Products

Plentiful, Innovative and Customer-oriented

In 1989, UNIS introduced the first scanner in Mainland China. UNIS produced its first scanner in 1992 and its first laptop in 1998. In 2001, UNIS put out China’s first proprietary digital camera. In 2002, UNIS developed its proprietary CDMA handset technology, which ranked among the best in the market. In 2003, a UNIS brand PC hit the market. A year later, UNIS, together with British Colortrac Company, developed SmartLF digital large-format color scanner, which filled a gap in the domestic market. In 2005, the development of “USB Trusted Computing Platform Based Safe Computer” won special funds as one of the key hi-tech innovation projects for industrial development in Beijing. In 2006, UNIS successfully developed proprietary “U Code” identification technology, which marked the formal start of the “Beijing Olympic U-Code Project”.

While observing international market trends and cutting-edge technology development, UNIS aims to stand at the forefront of the industry. In the continuous development of proprietary products and technologies, it has accumulated wide experience. The company regards innovation as a driving force and service as the lifeline that allow it to focus on the diverse needs of technology life. It provides consumers with quality products and highly efficient service.

Product lines:

  • Optical storage: CD-R products, DVD products
  • Scanners: whole series of scanners
  • Engineering products: large-format color scanner,engineering graph plotter series, storage devices, high-speed scanner series, large-format scanner series, OMR series, Ao-xi professional color engineering integration machine.
  • Computer products: Desktop PC, Laptop
  • Network engineering products: firewall series, router series, switch series, intrusion detection system, email security products, engineering input & output devices
  • Portal products: wireless LAN, wireless access
  • Peripheral equipment & appliances: language repeaters, Computer Secure Lock, Universal Inkjet consumption materials
  • Software: OCR system, TH-OFFICE, UNIS Pinyin Input Method

Software Integration:

Use professional services to build industry application solutions.

UNIS Software Company

Guided by the market and based primarily on enterprises, UNIS relies on the scientific research resources at Tsinghua University so as to adhere to independent innovation.

UNIS’s main business lies in software industry and software system integration. The company regards its own technology as the foundation, taking advantage of related industries to provide distinctive application solutions. UNIS tries to meet customers’ diverse and unique needs.
UNIS Software is becoming bigger and stronger and able to explore at finer and deeper levels. Based on its own products, UNIS Software is working to provide a comprehensive package of professional services from design to construction of software and hardware products.

Technological innovation and system innovation should work simultaneously. On the basis of joint efforts, UNIS software endeavors to increase its competitive edge, seek opportunities for cooperation in a competitive process, and ensure the enterprise progresses constantly in a market filled with both risks and opportunities.

Technical Strength

  • “UNIS EPOD-Application Middleware On-demand Configuration” was listed as the recommended legitimate software in Beijing. This software also won special funds in innovative application of proprietary products provided by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.
  • “TH-UNIS Electronic File Management System” was listed as a recommended legitimate software in Beijing.
  • “Unisplendour EPOD”, “Unisplendour Geographic Information System”, “Unisplendour 3D Visualization of GIS Software”, “UNIS Office Open Systems Platform”, “Unisplendour -multimedia Synthesis Tools” and other products have acquired software copyright protection.
  • “UNIS Online Approval System” has won the third technology prize granted by the Beijing Municipal Office, State Administration of Taxation, PRC.
  • “Shenzhen Citizen Central Project” won “Advanced Construction Units” medal issued by Shenzhen municipal government.

Major successful cases

  • Internet Security Integration for the State Council
  • Online Office Information Construction System Integration Project for Chinese Central Party History Research Center
  • Changchun Municipal Core Government System
  • E-government Outer Net Construction Project (first stage) for Henan Provincial government
  • Portal Construction Equipment and Software Installation Project for Henan Provincial government
  • Hefei Municipal Portal Construction for Hefei Municipal Information Office
  • Parallel Processing System Construction Project for Hefei Municipal Administrative Service Center
  • Decision Support and Management System Construction for the General Office, Hefei CPPCC
  • Encryption Post Office System Project for Liuzhou E-government network
  • Auction System Project for Kunming International Flower Auction Center
  • Integrated Service Information Management System for Beijing Local Taxation Bureau
  • Vehicle Logistics Management System for Dongfeng Motor Limited
  • Heavy truck Engineering Management System for Dongfeng Motor Limited
  • Digital Library Project for Jiangsu Power Company
  • Network Information System for the First Historical Archives of China
  • E-File Management System for the Second Historical Archives of China
  • File Management Information System for the Ministry of Finance
  • Comprehensive Management System for Guangdong Mobile Limited
  • Integrated File Management System for Xinhua News Agency
  • Online Audit System for Beijing Municipal Bureau of Water Resources
  • National Fund Management Information System Project for the Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • Integrated Information System for Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau
  • Basic Targets Data System for Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau
  • Digital Social Support Information System for Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Core Technology System Integration Design for China Earthquake Station
  • Monitoring System for the Modern Payment System Project of the People’s Bank of China
  • Weak Electricity Project for Gaobeidian Education Bureau, Hebei Province
  • Education Information Net Construction for Pingdingshan
  • Information Platform Construction for the PLA
  • Office Automation General Platform for the Armed Forces
  • Data Center Construction for Puyang Labor and Social Security Information Center
  • Weak Electricity Project for Fukai Plaza, China Securities Regulatory Commission
  • System Design, Supply and Equipment Project for Weixin International Plaza
  • Weak Electricity Project for Business Technical Complex, Chengdu Customs
  • Computer Room Construction Project for Shantou Law Enforcement Information Network
  • Intelligent Office Building Project for Jilin Oil Company


  • Computer Information System Integration First Level Qualification Certificate
  • Computer Information System Integration Involving State Secrets Qualification Certificate (Class A)
  • The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate
  • The High-tech Enterprises Approval Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate for Software Enterprises
  • Executive Member Certificate in Beijing Software Industry Association
  • Certificate for Membership of Beijing Security and Prevention Industry Association

Software Copyright

  • Armed Force Synergies Office System
  • TH-UNIS Vehicle Logistics Management System Interface
  • TH-UNIS Vehicle Logistics Management System
  • Display System for the National Population Information Map
  • UNIS Hydraulic Engineering Automation System
  • UNIS Geographic Information Application System
  • EPOD-on-demand Configuration Application Middleware Software V4.0
  • UNIS Office Open Systems Platform Software v3.0
  • UNIS Chuanbao Multimedia Synthesis Tools V3.0
  • Tsinghua File Management System
  • UNIS 3D Visualization GIS Software V1.46  

Digital Distribution

Grow in mutually beneficial cooperation.

UNIS Digital Company

UNIS value-added distribution was founded in 1999 as one of the three core business sectors, aimed at building comprehensive sales and marketing service network. The company develops its distribution strategy in the Wal-Mart way. It strives to provide dynamic growth of services for customers through the most professional and the best marketing services network. Since its foundation, UNIS Distribution has achieved an annual average growth of over 50%.

In March 2006, UNIS Digital Limited separated from the value-added distribution business sector and became a wholly owned holding company of UNIS. At present, it consists of 5 major business units, 13 platforms nationwide and 6 offices, and establishes a nationwide sales network channels. It provides value-added distribution services for HP, Samsung, Benq, Fuji Xerox, H3C, and other internationally renowned IT firms. Its business includes PCs, laptops, servers, peripherals, networking products, bar-coding and other IT mainstream products. In 2005, it entered the top four domestic IT distributors.

UNIS Digital relies on the strength of its capital and on the cultural foundations of UNIS. With CA / ERP and other enterprise information management systems, it is advancing rapidly and steadily with an efficient management structure. The outcome is an increasingly healthy, stable, and high-speed IT flagship distributor for China!

Growth Performance

  • In 2000, the annual turnover reached 350Million RMB, and won the annual best growth of HP distributors.
  • In 2001, the annual revenue reached 0.9 billion RMB, and for the second time won the annual best growth of HP distributors.
  • In 2002, UNIS Digital won the seventh place in the Chinese distributors’ competition conducted by Computer Business Newspaper.
  • In 2003, UNIS Digital won sixth place in “the Top 100 Chinese Distributors” awarded by China Computer Newspaper and other IT Media.
  • In 2004, UNIS Digital won the fifth place in “the Top 100 Chinese Distributors” awarded by China Computer Newspaper and other IT Media.
  • In 2005, UNIS Digital won the fourth place in “the Top 100 Chinese Distributors” awarded by China Computer Newspaper and other IT Media.
  • In 2006, UNIS Digital won the fourth place in “the Top 100 Chinese Distributors” awarded by China Computer Newspaper and other IT Media.

Intelligence Transportation

Improve the innovative application of science and technology, and lead Chinese Intelligence Transportation.

UNIS Jietong Company

After ten years of development in intelligence transportation, UNIS Jietong Company is now the leader in the field. Jietong regards “the promotion of the application of scientific and technological innovation to lead China's intelligent transportation” as its goal, and focuses predominantly on highway electrical and mechanical engineering, intelligence transport products. It has thoroughly implemented the relevant industry diversification strategy to maintain a high speed of development.

Jietong is committed to promoting high-tech industry in China’s intelligent transportation innovation and industrialization applications. In the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, Jietong has nationwide coverage in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. Its cumulative construction mileage counts more than 20% of the Chinese highway construction and is the benchmark in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering.

In the area of intelligent transportation, Jietong relies on the human resources and technological advantages of Tsinghua University and UNIS to develop some leading domestic products. These include Dynamic Weighing highway, tunnel and square lighting and energy-saving products. These products have experienced large-scale application in Tianjin, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi, and other regional markets and are making outstanding contributions to Chinese highway overloading restrictions and energy conservation.

Jietong took part in some key projects, for example, “Software Development for Intelligent Transportation Core Areas” in the national “10th Five-Year Plan”, “Inter-city Intelligent Transportation System” in Hi-tech Olympics projects, “Research on Highway Tunnel (Group) Integrated Security and Energy-saving Technology”, and a transport construction project in Western Regions in the “11th. Five-Year Plan” of the Ministry of Transport. Cooperating with Tsinghua University, Jietong established the first domestic “Intelligent Transportation System Joint Lab”. Jietong also set up strategic relations with University of Wisconsin and other international agencies and experts to work together to develop intelligent transport.

Deriving from Tsinghua, Jietong works to serve intelligent transportation and endeavors to create a bright future for China's Intelligent Transportation.

Major successful cases for electrical and mechanical engineering products

  • Kunming-Yuxi Highway, No. 213 National Road
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Liqing Section of Jinliwen Highway construction
  • Eelectrical and mechanical works for the east section of Taijin Highway construction
  • JD-1 Contract, Zhuji-Dongyang-Panan electrical and mechanical works for Zhuyong Highway
  • Transport Project, Hangzhou-Quzhou Highway
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Wensha Section, Jingfu Highway
  • Monitoring, charging and telecommunication systems for Xuchang-Pingdingshan-Nanyan Highway, Henan Province
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Anyang-Xinxiang Section, Jingzhu National Road
  • Monitoring, charging and telecommunication system for Xiangtan-Shaoyang Highway, Hunan Province
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Jilujie-Shijiazhuang Section, Qingdao-Yinchuan Road
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Jinhua Section, Yongjin Highway
  • Construction of Taiyuan-Changzhi Section, Taiyuan-Macao Key National Road
  • Electrical and mechanical works for Yichang-Changyan Section, Hurong National Road
  • Three big systems for Simao-xiaoyang Highway, No. 213 National Road
  • Transport project for LB-12 Contract Section, Liuzhaike-Baiyin Highway
  • Equipment provision and installation for the three big systems for Jingmen-Yichang Highway
  • Monitoring, charging and telecommunication system for Highway, Jiangxi Province
  • Network Charging Project for Kunyu-Yuyuan-Yuanmo Highway

Major successful cases for intelligence transportation products

  • “Transportation Construction Projects in Western Region in 2006” designated by The Ministry of Transport
  • Haihe River Bridge Toll Plaza, Tianjin
  • Liugu Highway Toll Plaza, Gansu Province
  • Yanmenguan Tunnel, Shanxi Province
  • Hurongxi Highway Tunnel, Hubei Province
  • Zhongnanshan Highway tunnel, Qinling, Shaanxi Province, and other highways and tunnels

Major successful cases of dynamic weighing products

  • Xinyang-Zhumadian Highway, Henan Province
  • Xuchang-Pingdingshan-Nanyang Highway, Henan Province
  • Hanshi Highway, Hubei Province
  • Hurongxi Highway, Hubei Province
  • Chengya Highway, Sichuan Province
  • Chengle Highway, Sichuan Province
  • Yantai Highway, Shanxi Province
  • Xinyuan Highway, Shanxi Province
  • Daxin Highway, Shanxi Province
  • Jingda Highway, Shanxi Province
  • Deda Highway, Shanxi Province
  • Heguan Highway, Shanxi Province

Communications Technology

Focusing on communications business, the company actively promotes the industrialization of high-precision technology.

UNIS Communications Company

Established in 2001, UNIS Communications Company is the only company owned by Tsinghua University specializing in communications business. The primary business covers R&D, manufacturing and sales of GSM/GPRS 2.5G, 3G communications products, and Tsinghua Unisplendour (UNIS) branded mobile phones. UNIS cell phones have already received the license issued by the Ministry of Information Industry and the National Development and Reform Committee.

In 2005, UNIS Communications Co. started to step into MEMS inertial device field, and jointly established MEMS Inertial Sensors Testing Base with Tsinghua University. The company leverages the technology advantages in the MEMS inertial device field, and is dedicated to industrialization and commercialization of MEMS Inertial Sensors with huge market value and potential, which contributes greatly to the China State Defense and Automotive Electronics Industries.

Outstanding Accomplishments

The outstanding performance will continue.

Twenty years ago, the company was launched by Tsinghua University as an initiative to enter the business world. Today, UNIS is not only an outstanding representative of companies affiliated to the university, but a flagship brand in all of China’s domestic hi-tech industry.

Innovation is the driver of UNIS’s sustainable development. Over the past 20 years, the company has kept continuous innovation as the goal. It is the strong belief of the company leaders that only innovation can drive the company to faster growth, higher shareholder values, and to be an agent of profound change in society.

The company has its eyes on the future and will continue its success stories.

  • In 1989, UNIS introduced the 1st scanner in Mainland China.
  • In 1992, UNIS launched its own scanner as the 1st proprietary one in China, which was called “a breakthrough product”.
  • In 1998, UNIS was among the 1st batch of Chinese lap-top producers, and kept ranking among the Top 3 national brands.
  • In 1998, cooperating with Beijing Superior People's Court, UNIS built “Beijing Municipal Judicatory Computer Information Network System”, the largest one of its kind in China.
  • In 1999, UNIS participated into the compilation work of State Administration Bureau of Quality and Technology: China National Standard: GB/T17678-CAD Electronic Documentation CD-ROM Storage, Archiving and File Management Requirements, and GB/T17689-CAD Electronic Document Archiving of CD-ROM Storage Conformance Testing.
  • In 2000, UNIS launched its digital camera, China’s 1st proprietary brand in this field.
  • In 2000, as the general integrator company for national transport security management, UNIS developed “National Traffic Supervision Information System” and was adopted by the Ministry of Public Security in 2002.
  • In 2000, UNIS was commissioned by the National Bureau of Statistics to develop the OCR input system for the 5th. countrywide population census.
  • In 2000, UNIS undertook some ultra-large projects, for example, the Electronic and Machinery Engineering System for Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Highway of Zhejiang Province.
  • In 2000---, UNIS passed ISO9000 quality management system assessment and was well praised by evaluation experts.
  • In 2001, UNIS launched the industry’s first low price laptop of about 10,000 RMB, the first laptop of GPRS applications, the first light and thin P4 driven laptop, the first laptop driven by AMD Athlon Mobile CPU. For an effective solution to overheating problems caused by CPU frequency enhancement, the company was awarded the patent “Laptop CPUs Refrigeration Cooling Components” by the State Intellectual Property Administration Bureau.
  • In 2002, UNIS took the lead to launch its own brand of a two million pixel digital camera.
  • In 2002, UNIS TH-OCR, one of the National “863 Plan” and the National “7th. Five-Year Plan” key projects, was appraised as “reaching the world leading level” during the multiple assessments by the evaluation committee composed of academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Famous companies such as Motorola, Intel, HP, MUSTEK, UNISCAN, ARTEC, etc. adopted the technology of TH-OCR. In 2001, UNIS authorized Microsoft to use it for export. Value-added tax (VAT) Invoices Scanning Identification System used for the government “Golden Tax Project” is also developed by UNIS. The State Administration of Taxation evaluated the performance of this product as a leader and subsequently expanded it for nationwide application.
  • In 2002, the State Council granted UNIS “State Council E-Government Partnership”.
  • In 2002, the State Intellectual Property Administration Bureau granted UNIS the patent for its “Laptop CPUs Refrigeration Cooling Components”.
  • In 2002, UNIS’s proprietary scanner was exported to Europe and NAFTA countries.
  • In 2003, UNIS launched in China the first proprietary digital cameras with 3 million, 4 million and 5 million pixels.
  • In 2003, UNIS signed a contract with Holland Ao-xi Company to develop color engineering equipment collaboratively in the Chinese domestic market.
  • In 2003, during the SARS period, UNIS produced a series of immunization products, including infrared temperature detection doors, hand-held infrared thermometers, ozone disinfection vehicles, a visual telephone system, an emergency command system and the free-flushing toilet. UNIS also donated their products and contributed a lot to the fight against SARS. UNIS was awarded the “Beijing Municipal Honorary enterprise for the advanced prevention and treatment of SARS”, as one of the two recommended companies proposed by Haidian District.
  • In 2003, “Unisplendor Zijing Primary school” was set up at Pamir Plateau by UNIS employees and was warmly praised by the local citizens.
  • In 2003, UNIS launched its proprietary printing paper and supplies, entering the general supplies market.
  • In 2003, UNIS was identified as a national key high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was awarded the “key high-tech enterprises certificate”.
  • In 2003, UNIS applied an international leading OCR solution to the “Beijing Citizen Card Project”.
  • In 2004, UNIS was formally identified as a post-doctoral research station by the Ministry of Personnel.
  • In 2004, The Beijing Municipal Health Bureau selected “Unisplendor infrared thermometer” to serve for the national “Two Sessions”.
  • In 2004, “Unisplendor Star”, a Unisplendor laptop, was officially unveiled. It is the first laptop with 64 Unit CPUs in China. Its performance met the highest standards in the market.
  • In 2004, Unipslendor S lock was designated by the China Internet Association as a recommended green online product.
  • In 2004, UNIS worked together with the United Kingdom Colortrac Company to develop 200 SmartLF Digital Large Format Color Scanners and successfully exported them to Britain.
  • In 2004, UNIS entered the bar code industry together with INTERMEC, the world's leading manufacturers of bar codes.
  • In 2004, the Precision Thunis800 digital gastrointestinal machine, developed by UNIS and GE, formally made it off the assembly line.
  • In 2005, UNIS became one of the 100 enterprises in a patents pilot study in Beijing.
  • In 2005, the new logo, “UNIS紫光”, was officially announced. UNIS participated in the First China International Consumer Electronics Exposition with its many new technologies and new products. Vice Premier Wu Yi visited UNIS’s booth, encouraging UNIS to develop more products with independent intellectual property rights and to expand its exports.
  • In 2006, UNIS THOMR Cursor Reader was identified as “quality and credibility double-ensured” and highly recommended by Quality Assurance Center, China’s Light Industry.
  • In 2006, UNIS was selected as one of the innovation index sample stocks in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • In 2006, UNIS successfully developed “U code” recognition technology with independent intellectual property rights and officially started “Beijing U code Project” based on the “U code” mobile terminal identification technology applications.
  • In 2006,UNIS won the title of “Advanced Vocational and Technical Training Unit” granted by the Ministry of Information Industry.
  • In 2006, UNIS won the “A-class Enterprise” certificate granted by Beijing Local Taxation Bureau and was exempted from tax audit for two years.
  • In 2006, “UNIS computer information security protection systems (S-lock)” won the “2005 China Electronic Information Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award”.
  • In 2006, UNIS Software Center won special funds for enterprises that carry out innovative application of independent intellectual property rights and pilot studies for technical standards granted by Beijing Science and Technology Commission.
  • In 2006, In “China's First Electronics Industry Brand Around the World Opening Ceremony and China's First Electronic Enterprises Brand Value Press Conference”, UNIS was named “the most valuable Chinese brand in electronics business”, whose brand value had reached 3.217 billion RMB.
  • In 2006, UNIS Software Center won the title of “Class A qualifications for computer information systems involving state secrets” issued by the State Secrecy Bureau.
  • In 2007, the “100 outstanding management software enterprise seminar” was held by China Software Industry Association. UNIS Advisory for the second time was named “China's Top 10 Management Consultants”.
  • In 2007, “UNIS computer information security protection systems (UNIS S-lock)” passed the examination and was identified as “the first independent innovation products in Beijing” by Beijing independent innovation validation working group.
  • In 2007,UNIS Advisory won the “Highest Benchmark Customer Award for SAP Business One in the Asia-Pacific Region” for a third consecutive year. Meanwhile, it also won the awards of “Excellent Partner Prize”, “Excellent Implementation” and “Best Sales Staff”, etc. from SAP China Region.
  • In 2007,according to CCID’s “2005-2006 China scanner market research annual report”, UNIS scanner’s sales lead the market by 189,800 units and kept the top market share for the last nine years. Meanwhile, the Company was awarded as “2006-2007 China Annual Successful Enterprise in the Scanner Market”.
  • In 2007,UNIS’s new desktop model “New Sight E8000” won the “Editor's Choice Award” by “SP Computer Products and Circulation”.
  • In 2007, UNIS won the title of “Grade A Tax Credit of Beijing Enterprises” for 2 calendar years.
  • In 2007, UNIS won the first “China Excellent Brand of Independent Innovation”, during the China's first independent innovation appraisal held by Beijing International Science and Technology Industrial Expo Organizing Committee.
  • In 2007, UNIS Advisory VAR Support Center (customer support center) passed SAP certification, indicating its customer service capabilities are recognized internationally.
  • In 2007, UNIS laptop W5 series was listed in “Top Ranking Board” by Computer Business News.
  • In 2007, UNIS won the title of “Brand China Jinpu Award-China (IT) industry annual Top 10 brands” granted by the National Association of Industry and Commerce and Sina.
  • In 2007, UNIS won the title of “The Best Price Performance Brand” awarded by Science Times.
  • In 2007, UNIS won the award of “The First Choice Brand by China IT Distributors” during the 8th. CBI China IT Distribution Forum.
  • In 2007, UNIS desktop won the “Outstanding Channel Management Award” by Computer Commercial News.
  • In 2007, UNIS Software (Wuxi) Company won the “Innovation and Development Contribution Award”.
  • In 2007, “UNIS Hope Electronic Library” was set up in two secondary schools in Inner Mongolia and three schools in Beijing for migration workers’ children.

Enterprise Awards

  • One of the National Top 520 major enterprises
  • One of the “National 863 Plan” industrial bases
  • Top 100 Electronic Information enterprise in China
  • Top 100 High and New Technology enterprise in China
  • Advanced High-tech enterprise in Torch Program
  • Double Top 10 enterprise in Beijing industry field
  • Backbone enterprise in Beijing software industry base
  • Top 20 enterprises in Beijing new technology industry development experimental zone for several consecutive years
  • “Bank & Industry Cooperation Enterprise” partnering with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and the Construction Bank of China
  • National major high and new technology enterprise
  • E-government partner of State Council
  • Top 100 IT enterprises of China E-Government
  • Top 100 technology enterprises in China
  • Annual successful enterprise of China IT industry
  • China information technology innovation enterprise
  • Top 10 IT brands of Zhongguancun area
  • Model enterprise with double assurance of quality and credit
  • Annual China IT innovation enterprise
  • Excellent brand of China autonomous innovation
  • Brand China “Jinpu Award”
  • Grade A tax credit enterprise

Product Award

  • National technical invention award
  • National science & technology advancement award
  • National major technical equipment award
  • State-level torch program
  • State-level major new product
  • State-level major science technology achievement promotion program
  • Science and technology advancement award granted by State Education Commission
  • Beijing Science and technology advancement award and Beijing brand products
  • Most competitive product in Beijing new technology industry development experimental zone
  • Beijing major Science technology Achievement Promotion program
  • Top 10 brands in Haidian experimental zone
  • Star of science & technology innovation award granted by China state branch of the UN
  • China excellent software product
  • China information technology innovation product
  • Green online product
  • Consumer satisfaction product
  • The first choice brand for industry purchasers

List of Holding Companies and Equity Related Companies

  • UNIS Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  • UNIS Software System Co. Ltd.
  • UNIS Digital Co. Ltd.
  • UNIS Communications Sci-Tech Co. Ltd.
  • UNIS Jietong Technology Co. Ltd.
  • UNIS Xinlian Technology (Beijing.) Co.Ltd.
  • UNIS Resources Technology Co.Ltd.
  • UNIS Cultural Co. Ltd.
  • Harbin UNIS Huaxin Co. Ltd.
  • Shenyang UNIS Huaxin Co.
  • Jinan UNIS Huaxin Co.
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